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At Tiger Clean we focus on one thing and one thing only, making you ROAR with pride about your home.

Our Founders have over 10 years experience cleaning homes in the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Melbourne so they don’t just know what you expect from your home but what you need and what makes it a place you want to relax and enjoy.



Of course our Cleaners are experienced professionals having passed through the Tiger Clean training system.

Of course all our services are fully insured so that you know know your posessions and your home are being looked after.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is the hiring system that we use and the ongoing training our cleaners get. Before a cleaner even starts working with us they are tested, trained and apprenticed to the standards of a Tiger Cleaner.

Once you start working with Tiger Clean expect to get regular qualilty control surveys where we get your feedback to ensure that the service you are being delivered is the standard you will be ROARing about and our competitors aspire to.

Greg Paul

Greg Paul

General Manager

Greg has over 25 years experience running Customer Service businesses in Australia and Overseas.

Apollo Pu

Apollo Pu

Operations Manager

Apollo brings over 10 years experience cleaning homes in Melbourne’s Eastern and Western Suburbs. He knows how to train and support our team so they deliver you the Tiger Clean standard.

Helen Huang

Helen Huang

Cleaning Supervisor

Helen started her career working in one of the finest hotels in Taiwan as a Supervisor and personally serviced Michael Jackson. She knows what great service means and brings it every day to our clients and staff.